SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 9, 2017 : Liposuction is one of many that attract much attention from people of all ages and genders. It removes excessive fat in the body and keeps oneself in shape, smooth and sleek. Liposuction slashes a hefty roll of flab or body fat, thus shaping up the figure into a balanced and slim look. It gives immediate results and provides a high level of satisfaction.
Moreover, since fat suction requires the patient to wear a compression garment, which causes the patient to feel uncomfortable, many people are more interested in liposuction as the season is changing.

Dr. Yim Joong-Hyuk, Director of TL Plastic Surgery in Korea, is receiving more inquiries about liposuction these days.

The recent trend arises from growing interest in good figure. He said that while formerly people looked upon an attractive face as important, these days, people are more interested in attractive body.

"From my experience of consulting patients, many think that the more the fat removed, the better the body looks. However, liposuction is not a simple operation. In liposuction, it is not important to remove as much fat as possible, but to remove the fat in the portion where it is necessary, taking into account the overall balance and proportion of the body to have a satisfactory result."

He goes on to add that "the number of patients who received reoperation rapidly increased due to dissatisfying liposuction. The main reasons for reoperation are that the skin has become uneven, or has sunken in because the fat had not been sucked out evenly. For the initial operation to be successful, he recommended that the operation should be performed after consulting a plastic surgeon specialist qualified with sufficient experience and good skills".

Lastly, Dr. Yim Joong-Hyuk emphasized that although it is bothersome, the patient needs to wear compressive garment for a month for maximum results and to prevent the skin from sagging.

Dr. Yim Joong-Hyuk, Director of Korea's TL Plastic Surgery, a certified plastic surgery specialist and medical doctor, has been performing plastic surgery for the past 19 years, dealing with various cases clinically.

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