Martin's Donation of Bread and Rolls is Received in Houston
CHAMBERSBURG, Pa., Sept. 9, 2017 : Martin's Famous Potato Rolls and Bread sent 18,000 packages of bread and rolls to aid in the relief efforts in Houston over the weekend.
The truck containing the bread and rolls left the parking lot on Potato Roll Lane, Chambersburg, PA, on Sunday morning at 7:00a.m., immediately after a group of Martin's employees gathered to pray for the victims, volunteers, and families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Julie Martin, social media manager and Martin's family member explained, "Like many, we saw the news and the images of destruction from Hurricane Harvey and had been trying to think of ways to help."

After a few days of trying to contact organizations to partner with, they made a contact in Houston and moved forward with the plan. "Today [Sept. 3] we are sending a tractor-trailer with 18,000 loaves of bread and rolls to Houston to help feed those in need...We hope you'll join us in praying for the safety of our drivers as well as all those who were in Harvey's path, who have experienced so much loss and destruction, and who are picking up the pieces of their homes and communities," said Julie Martin via Facebook post.

Martin's was able to partner with Houston's First Baptist Church, which has an enormous relief effort underway. The church has several relief centers set up where supplies are maintained and dispatched. Hundreds of volunteers are able to sign up online for various projects and are directed to areas where their efforts are needed. "The organization of this effort is amazing," says Dustin Martin, transportation manager and one of the drivers who delivered the bread and rolls to Houston. "Everyone has a job to do. It is heart-warming and amazing to see so many people working together to make a difference."

The Martin's drivers witnessed much of the destruction that was left behind from Harvey, including massive piles of debris. Watermarks left behind showed signs that water had been higher than the 13-foot-high truck as they pulled in from the north on the highway.

When the bread arrived at Houston's First Baptist Church, the volunteers, church administration, and Martin's employees took a few minutes to thank God for the bread and pray that it may reach those who most need it. Jerrell Altic, from Houston's First Baptist Church, said that they have not been able to purchase bread in stores for over a week. The Martin's bread and rolls were taken to areas where either volunteers could distribute it or where community members could pick up what they need as they obtained other supplies.

Dustin and Brian Ramer, director of MFPS Transport and the other driver in the truck to Houston, witnessed many victims of Harvey standing in line to get supplies from the distribution center at the church. "It is a blessing and an honor to be able to be here to help," Ramer said.

As volunteers came to the church to collect supplies to work on projects, they would also collect other items such as Martin's bread to take into the communities to hand out. "I was told that the church volunteers that came in for supplies (including bread) on Monday morning, would have 200 houses 'mudded out' by the end of the day. This is an incredible operation," exclaimed Dustin.

"By all means, if you can donate to any of the wonderful organizations who are providing food, shelter, and relief...please do so. When we all work together...great things can happen!" added Julie Martin.

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