JIANGSU, China, Sept. 9, 2017 : The year of 2017 sees an overall improvement of the mining industry over last year. SANY launched SY395H and SY750H large excavators to further expand in the heavy-duty market. SANY heavy-duty series products have covered 95pc of the models that are used in the mines till the present.
"The general climate seems to be one of increasing optimism," stated in the 2017 mining outlook survey, from Pedersen and Partners. Around 62.3% of the respondents would continue the current exploration projects and 15.8% consider to restart the production of the mines that are under maintenance.

The latest SY395H and SY750H excavators are specially designed for the mine construction. Featuring high efficiency, low fuel consumption, strong power and high strength, they are the optimum machine for the mine exploration.

Compared with the former generations, the two models improve the efficiency by 8%-10% and save the fuel consumption by 10%. The strengthened working devices and wear-resistant bucket enhance 10% of the digging force, making the machines reliable enough to handle the mining work. The superb design and top manufacturing techniques greatly promote the machines' stability and durability, extending the service life by 50%. In addition, the new products can be equipped with versatile parts and attachments, such as extension jib, breaker, cutter and ripper for different uses.

Since 2011, SANY has ranked No.1 in China excavator sales for 6 consecutive years and captured 20% of the excavator market share. The new product launch of SY395H and SY750H will bring higher value for customers and create a world-class brand for China.

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