New Delhi/Raipur September 8 : With the Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the death case of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh, the Congress on Friday said that there are strong chances of the case being associated with ideologies.
"The SIT is investigating the matter. There is a perception that it has to do with the right ideologies. There are similarities in the earlier assassinations of Kulburgi and other victims. Be what her brother's statement says, I think there are a lot of evidences that the SIT has got which will help in cracking the case soon," Congress leader Tom Vadakkan told ANI.

He added that all should wait for the evidences to emerge from SIT because the perception that has strongly gone around has a lot to do with the ideologies.

Another Congress leader P.L. Punia said that the journalist was raising questions on the functioning of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and therefore she had to meet this fate.

"On the social media platform a few people are mocking the death of journalist Gauri Lankesh and these are the very people who are close to Prime Minister Modi, hence showing a link with the case. Such ideologies are very dangerous for the nation. I appeal the Karnataka Government to reveal the evidences and expose in front of the public," Punia added.

The death of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh has shaken the entire journalistic fraternity and has opened questions about the safety of "firebrand" journalists.

Lankesh's family, on its part, has said that all they want is justice and will fully cooperate with the SIT.

Talking about his sister's "fight of ideologies" that probably led to her death, Indrajit Lankesh said, "She had strong ideological views, be it about Naxals or the right wing. We are all together and ensuring justice for her."

Indrajit Lankesh further said that what she did with the Naxals was "admirable", and he respects that.

"She was trying to bring them to mainstream," said Indrajit Lankesh, brother of Gauri Lankesh.

Addressing the media today, he further said that the SIT has formed three different teams and they are working on the case.

"It's not about going to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), it's not about a special judge or SIT, it's about getting justice. And for that we are ready to do anything for that," Indrajit Lankesh said.

He also added that they saw the suffering of Kalburgi's family.

"We don't want it to happen like that. I am just requesting the government and am requesting the investigating team to give justice to my family and to give justice to Gauri," he said.

Indrajit added that Gauri Lankesh was friends with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who has said that the Chief Minister had assured the family that if they want then he will give the case to CBI.

He further requested the media to not politicise the issue and said, "Please don't give this incident political or ideological colour."

Gauri Lankesh's sister, who was also present at the press conference said that Gauri had come to her mother's house and talked about "some kind of guy who was suspiciously walking around her house."

"There are brave people, but Gauri was 'foolishly brave'," said Gauri's sister.

Indrajit Lankesh also said that for fourteen years, Gauri ran the publication without any advertising and from her savings.

"She continued father's legacy, and I am proud of her," said Indrajit Lankesh and added that Gauri was like her father, who too was very "aggressive" in his writing and so was she.

"She had no personal enmities, only ideological adversaries," said Indrajit Lankesh, brother of Gauri Lankesh.

He also said that the Home Minister had told that all angles had to be probed, adding, "We agree that every angle has to be and should be probed."

Speaking to ANI, Indrajit Lankesh said that Gauri was rehabilitating the Naxalites, and so if there are any differences they have to be probed.

"But that is not the only reason. She was a firebrand journalist, and she was the critic of the right wing. If that is the reason then it has to be probed," Indrajit Lankesh said.

Directing a statement to the journalists present, Indrajit said, "If you say that somebody, who writes about the RSS is killed, then I don't have an answer to that. Because you know it better and I don't even have to say it."

"First the right wing extremists were considered to be involved because Gauri was a strong critic of theirs," said Indrajit Lankesh.

He has requested all the media organisations to look at all the angles and try to come to a conclusion.

"We have still not been able to find M.M. Kalburgi's killers," he said.

Senior journalist Lankesh was shot dead on Tuesday at her residence in Bengaluru's Rajarajeshwari Nagar by some unidentified assailants at around 8-8:30 p.m.

As per the reports, three bullets were pumped in her body.

Her last rites were held at Bengaluru's Chamrajpet Cemetery earlier in the day.

Lankesh was the editor of the Gauri Lankesh Patrike, a tabloid described as an "anti-establishment" publication.

An SIT comprising of 19 officers, headed by IGP Intelligence B.K. Singh, has been formed to probe Gauri Lankesh's murder.

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