LONDON, September 7, 2017: The Australian government's outbound student mobility program, an international alumni jobs network in Hong Kong and Vietnam and an aptitude test from language learning app Duolingo are among the finalists in the inaugural PIEoneer Awards, an event from media company The PIE News which publishes for the international education industry.
The international education industry is a billion-dollar business with many governments invested in growing their reputation as an international education hub and keen to ensure greater mobility of domestic students. The 12 award categories showcase efforts to expand access to study abroad and better support the thousands of international student alumni who contribute to this global and growing industry.

The Malaysia Qualifications Agency is a finalist in PIEoneer of the Year category for its initiatives designed to ensure inclusive, progressive access to higher education in Malaysia.

Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is shortlisted in the Championing Diversity category for its New Colombo Plan, which has supported 7,400 students and 105 scholarship recipients in 2017.

The Student Support award shortlist includes a Canadian tech company which developed an app to encourage help-seeking behaviour among international students suffering with mental health issues.

The marketing campaign category profiles the power of personal stories. The #WeAreInternational campaign, spearheaded by the University of Sheffield, relied on content from international and domestic students portraying how an international student cohort enriched their own experience.

Study Queensland, Australia chose 20 international student ambassadors to win a scholarship to study there. Personal stories shared on social media led to a 13 million reach. US test prep giant, ETS, targeted Chinese parents' concerns about their child's time overseas in its #TOEFLGrownupMoment campaign.

An international alumni jobs network, set up in Hong Kong and Vietnam to help promote the multicultural edge that international students have and help them find jobs, is a finalist for PIEoneer of the Year category - it has reached 100,000 students in just over 12 months.

Editorial director, Amy Baker, commented, "From a women's leadership league, to programmes aimed at refugee access to higher education or genuinely transformative teaching being delivered in Bangladesh via low-cost mobile phone, the entries made us proud of the work of our peers. We are pleased we can share these stories with a wider audience."

Established in 2011 by 3 women, The PIE News has reached 1.5 million readers in 130 countries.

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