GURUGRAM, India, September 7, 2017 : AgileNCR is an annual event on Agile organized by Xebia. It first began in 2007 with a plain objective of bringing together seasoned Agile leaders and industry experts under one roof, engage participation, and disseminate knowledge on Agile and DevOps through talks and presentations.
From thereon, the conclave has grown immensely and the outreach has been terrific. Today, AgileNCR is one of the most renowned Agile Software Development Conference in India.

Each year, the conference comes up with a unique theme, introducing a wide range of topics to the audience. It covers various facets of Agile, worthwhile for every enthusiast - from an early adopter of Agile to a veteran, gratifying their curiosity. Thereby, making AgileNCR an ideal platform to share awareness and insights pertaining to Agile software development. In 2016, there were 250+ delegates and attendees who graced the event.

In the present day, digitalization is driving tremendous changes, effecting key shifts in the IT industry. It is imperative that organizations take a step towards changing the cultural mindset; as an organization and as an individual. In the past few years, Agile software development practices have been a major part of this shift, but how effectively this movement from Waterfall to Agile has worked for the organizations? Does one think such investments give worthwhile returns and help enterprises achieve their business goals? Accordingly, AgileNCR is a significant platform to enlighten people on various key aspects of Agile and DevOps which are relevant in today's rapidly changing environment.

AgileNCR 2017 marks its 9th edition with Minimal Viable Agile as the theme. The two-day event will be held on November 24th and 25th at the Crowne Plaza, Gurugram. The theme offers four curated tracks, encompassing topics like Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, Agile Architecture, Design Patterns & Principles, Spotify Model, Coaching & Leadership, DevOps in Mainframe, Agile Security, Onshore - offshore Agile challenges, to name a few. Attendees will hear from the experts on diverse ways of how organizations can successfully embrace their journey toward Agile transformation.

With a history of consecutive success throughout the years, this year AgileNCR will not be different either. It promises to redefine ideas and concepts in a whole new way.

Here's a great opportunity to connect, learn, share, and engage with ideas.

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