SOLANO-NAPA, Calif., Sept. 6, 2017 : The Solari Team, a top producing real estate team, is leaving one of the biggest brands behind as they announce the launch of their own independent brokerage, Solari Group, Inc.
Why leave a large brokerage? Netflix replaced Blockbuster by providing a simple hassle free way to watch thousands of movies and television shows. Travel companies were disrupted by self-booking websites allowing you to find a hotel across the world with just a click of a button. A company founded in 2008, Airbnb, is currently revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Solari Group, Inc. will deliver a high standard of service by leveraging technology and providing a better experience at a superior value.

Founder and Broker, Nicole Solari started in the industry as an associate and quickly built her book of business at a record breaking pace. Nicole's primary goal that drove her to leave an international brand and open her new brokerage is to give consumers and agents a more rewarding experience as well as provide a better platform to service the real estate industry. Nicole goes on to state, "I structured our team with a vision that has more meaning than just being a real estate agent. A vision with deep roots of positive culture, putting the customer experience first, and creating win-win outcomes." The Group attributes their fast growth in Solano and Napa to doing what is right versus what is easy and leveraging technology to simplify the selling and buying process.

The team's continued success is the result of their impressive ability to service all their clients at a high level. Last year the team proudly served 191 families and this year they're on track to help 300+ families with their real estate needs. Nicole's humble beginnings eventually led her and the team to pursue the dream to maintain the status as the number one real estate team in the region, while also launching the new brokerage.

Solari Group is excited to build upon the principles that have already made them successful and continue to be a cutting edge leader in the real estate markets they serve.

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