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Wide Variety of Books from Independent Publishers Included in LibraryBub Selection for September

LOS ANGELES, September 6, 2017 : As it continues to build a reputation for introducing librarians to outstanding books from the independent publishing sector, today LibraryBub reveals its selection of attention-grabbing publications for September.

Many of the chosen titles have received glowing reviews and have already won awards; most of them have quickly established themselves as category bestsellers. Each is available on Amazon.

The award-winning writer Patrick Ness sees librarians as "tour guides", interesting us in things we might otherwise overlook, pointing out features they know we'll be interested in, happy to pass on a recommendation. LibraryBub CEO, Alinka Rutkowska, greatly values her role in supplying librarians with a handpicked selection that allows them to carry out their role as "tour guides" of information and imagination.

Below is September's selection by category:


Literature & Fiction

The Band 4: the air we breathe by Marguerite Nardone Gruen (ISBN: 978-1460283547)

Hugh the Southern Flame (Book Two of the Chaos Chronicles series) by R. J. Tolson (ISBN: 978-0990329992)

The Geometry of Love by Jessica Levine (ISBN: 978-1938314629)

The Timekeeper's Son by Sara Baker (ISBN: 978-1944193560)

Jack of Hearts (Book Seven of the Detective Jack Stratton series) by Christopher Greyson (ISBN: 978-1683990734)

Science Fiction & Fantasy:

Elsewhen by Gary Bullock (ISBN: 978-1458203953)

Kings of Memphis: Elvis and Tutankhamen by Carolyn Reynolds (ISBN: 978-1456591038)

Young Adult

Born with Wings: the immortal life of Piu Piu (Book One in the Dance Between Worlds series) by Bianca Gubalke (ISBN: 978-0620676205)


My Snowman, Paul (Book One of the Snowman Paul series) by Yossi Lapid (ISBN: 978-0997389906)

Halloween with Snowman Paul (Book Six of the Snowman Paul series) by Yossi Lapid (ISBN: 978-0997389913)

The Pirate's Booty (Book One in the Inventor-in-Training series) by D. M. Darroch (ISBN: 978-1890797065)



Never Leave the Locker Room of the Super Bowl by Ben R. Hanback (ISBN: 978-1944878436)

Why They Stay: sex scandals, deals, and hidden agendas of nine political wives by Anne Michaud (ISBN: 978-0997663310

A More Prosperous Planet: the new formula for a prosperous global economy by Felipe Tudela (ISBN: 978-0692804452)

Health & Fitness:

How to Help Someone with Cancer: 70 ways to help cancer patients and their families during cancer treatment by Shannon Benish (ISBN: 978-0998422800)

Religion and Spirituality:

Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart by Jasmina Agrillo Scherr (ISBN: 978-1627470155)

Self Help:

The Success Initiative (Book One in the Project: Limitless series) by R. J. Tolson (ISBN: 978-0990329909)

Choose Bliss: the power and practice of joy and contentment by Moneeka Sawyer (ISBN: 978-1537593739)

Dr Esly Carvalho, an author whose book was chosen by LibraryBub, was "thrilled" to see his book on ABC and Fox News. She added, "Wow! Many people propose to help get your book out there but not everyone delivers. Alinka really came through with my book and got it on major news networks. I was totally blown away. I'll definitely continue to use her services."

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