BEIJING, Sept. 5, 2017 : Seminar of Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technologies was held in Tsinghua University on September 3rd, during which it was proposed to establish the Alliance for Development of Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technologies (ABCD Alliance for short).
The alliance, which will become the first alliance committed to development of integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and block chain technologies in China, aims at promoting integration and long-term development of "artificial intelligence and block chain", advancing innovation for the two technologies and other relevant innovations, making Chinese have a say in and develop standards for new technologies, and building a production-study-research cooperation platform for this.

According to Zhang Guoqiang, the head of the Preparatory Committee for the alliance, the alliance would be commonly proposed and voluntarily sponsored by interested parties. Currently, experts from some worldwide universities including Duke University and Tsinghua University have intentions of joining the alliance. Subsequently, interested parties will be invited to join the alliance.

The alliance's first brain-like computing laboratory - Bayes Laboratory has been established in Tsinghua University. Subsequently, a think tank will be also established, and participation and support will be sought in the academia and industry.

Integration of AI and Block Chain Will Be a Trend

Experts from Jingdong, Ping'an, Horizon Robotics and other enterprises gave wonderful reports at the seminar, which was received by the audience.

Experts attending the seminar said that, AI and block chain represented the future development direction, and their integration was the development trend of next step. They also said that, it could realize a new generation of value internet, would bring another storm to the whole IT industry and also immeasurable benefits and astonishing changes to the society.

Li Qinghua, the chief architect scientist of MATRIX block chain, introduced many promising applications which could be achieved by integration of AI and block chain, as well as distinctive MATRIX block chain based on underlying data chains and AI. He said that, block chain was used to integrate time with space, and AI could be used to predict future with history, which would lead to many things with public benefits.

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