TAIPEI, Taiwan, Sept. 5, 2017 : Acer (TWSE: 2353, LSE: ACID) will showcase its service-oriented and intelligent mixology robot solution, the MixBot, at the 2017 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition.
The Acer MixBot solution, which integrates a robotic arm and an autonomous guided vehicle (AGV), will demonstrate a complete bartending solution from order-taking, drink preparation, and table service to customers, along with a business intelligence system at the backend. The MixBot shows how Acer can fully customize its robotic solutions for a variety of usage scenarios.

"Acer's mission and passion has always been to put 'people' first during our research and development efforts to enhance the quality of life," said Dr. RC Chang, Chief Technology Officer, Acer Inc. "Collaborating with our hardware partners, we are pleased to demonstrate how intelligent and integrated robotic solutions can enhance everyday lives, and also put a smile on people's faces."

The Acer MixBot intelligent mixology robot provides an end-to-end bartending service that enhances the total customer experience. Its artificial intelligence system can identify the customer's gender and approximate age, and then recommend a menu suitable for the customer, such as non-alcoholic beverages for children. Once the customer has selected their drink, the system will mix it precisely with its robotic arm. The MixBot supports mobile payment transactions through RFID technologies.

While waiting for their drinks, customers will be entertained with a large infotainment display which displays the orders in the queue and the bartending progress. The content can be further customized according to specific needs of the business owner.

Behind the scenes, the Acer MixBot intelligent mixology robot solution provides smart and easy management capabilities. Bar staff can process orders and manage the inventory of ingredients from either a tablet, or by accessing the backend management website. Depending on stock level, the system can dynamically adjust the menu to only show the drinks that are still available. More importantly, the data collected can be analyzed by Acer's business intelligence system to help managers understand customer consumption patterns and behavior, review sales and costs to make appropriate adjustments, and ultimately optimize operations.

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