BERLIN, Sept. 5, 2017 : On the morning of September 4, 2017 local time in Germany, the China (Shenzhen.Longhua) - Germany (Berlin) Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference and German Investment Conference of Tian An Cyber Park which was joint hosted by Longhua District People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality and Tian An Cyber Park was held in Berlin.
The representatives who attended the conference included Mr. Chen Yan, First Secretary of Embassy of People's Republic China in Germany, Mr. Chenqing, District Mayor of Longhua District People's Government of Shenzhen, Mr. Sunny Tao, Director/CEO of Tian An Cyber Park Group, Mr. August Hanning, Chairman of The China-Germany Friendship Association, Ms. Sabine Florian, Executive Director of German Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd, Mr. Jens Ullmann, Director of International Trade of IHK Potsdam, Mr. Zhao Wei, Permanent Representative of Qingdao Center for Business & Commerce in Germany, and the representatives of Germany Trade And Invest (GTAI), etc. More than 150 entrepreneur representatives came from China and Germany were also attracted to the conference. They discussed the opportunities for economic and trade cooperation of China and Germany against the background of globalization together.
•Chinese and Germany Entrepreneurs Discuss the Opportunities for Economic and Trade Cooperation of China and Germany

About 150 entrepreneur representatives attended the meeting and communicated with each other. They came from the industries of consumer electronics, automation equipment, IT, new energy, semiconductor device, constructional engineering, machinofacture, precision instrument, real estate, consultation and relevant trade associations. They talked about a variety of topics ranging from the cluster, network, trend and investment of consumer electronics in Germany to the interpretation of China's investment environment. Entrepreneurs discussed the cooperation form to seek cooperation opportunities through the platform built by the conference.
•Won the Award of "Best Innovative Enterprise Ecosystem Operator of China"

The International Data Group (IDG) and Germany Industry and Commerce (GIC) together awarded " Best Innovative Enterprise Ecosystem Operator of China" to Tian An Cyber Park based on its outstanding performance and contributions in the field of constructing an innovative enterprises ecosystem. As the creator and operator of innovative enterprises ecosystem, Tian An Cyber Park has built 17 parks in 11 cities in China now. It provides service for tens of thousands growing businesses, including 76 listed companies and more than 80 pre-IPO companies. And it also has cooperated with the innovative institutions of United States, Korea, Israel, France, Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Lithuania, England, etc. with the opening of ten international pathways. In the future, Tian An Cyber Park will continue to build the most valuable innovative enterprises ecosystem, focusing on the cultivation and incubation of enterprises' life cycle, helping develop the enterprise and further promote the transformation and upgrading of urban industry.
•Signing "Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation"

At the meeting, Economic Promotion Bureau of Longhua District of Shenzhen Municipality, the China-Germany Friendship Association and Tian An Cyber Park signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation. They build innovation exchange platforms for Chinese and Germany industries positively, and promote the exchange of capital, high technology, talents and information between Berlin and Shenzhen and explore more in-depth cooperation and communication.

The president of Tian An Cyber Park, Mr. Sunny Tao hopes to build an economic cooperation platform between China and Germany, Berlin and Shenzhen on a higher level and more perfect system framework through the exchange. The platform can promote the communication and investment cooperation of high technology industry and advanced manufacturing industry between China and Germany, and encourage the deeper link between innovation entrepreneurship of Shenzhen and Germany's Industry 4.0, to further strengthen the connection in the aspects of innovative talents, information and technology of Chinese and German enterprise, and forge an international innovation enterprises ecosystem together. In the circumstance of deeper cooperation between China and German, Tian An Cyber Park will fully tap the potential cooperation of the two countries, to provide services and convenience for German enterprise, such as market expanding, product display, office occupancy, human resources, policy advisory, etc., and become one of the best partners and service platforms for the development of Germany enterprises.
•Tian An Cyber Park made its first appearance at the IFA in Berlin, Germany

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) has a history of more than 90 years which is known as the largest and most powerful exhibition for consumer electronics and household appliances in the world. In the past ten years, the exhibition has attracted more than 200,000 viewers worldwide each year. Today, it is not only a platform for new technologies and new products to gather and display, but also a carrier of exchange and interaction among industry, business and political people. It has become one of the important bridges leading China's companies to global market.

During the event, Tian An Cyber Park entered the core exhibition area of IFA together with the park enterprises. This is one of the innovative services provided by Tian An Cyber Park for the enterprises in the park. It is also an exploration and innovation of the "bring in" and "take out" international strategy.

During the exhibition, Tian An Cyber Park organized its enterprises to visit Germany and conducted in-depth, pragmatic and effective exchanges with the representative enterprises of German's Industry 4.0.

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