HOUSTON, Sept. 2, 2017 : In light of the devastating consequences of Hurricane Harvey, FamilyTreeDNA.com, the Houston-based pioneer of DNA testing for ancestry and genealogy purposes, will be donating a portion of its proceeds from the sale of all tests during the month of September toward Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.
In the words of company CEO Bennett Greenspan: "We are very thankful to Houston, and to our customers in the United States and all over the world, so it was very fitting that at a time like this we participate in the recovery efforts from this immense tragedy by giving back to our community."

The company will be posting a banner on its home page with the daily cumulative total of the funds raised.

In addition to this initiative, FamilyTreeDNA.com has created a fund for employees and colleagues who lost their homes and belongings. While the company headquarters was fortunate enough to go unscathed, a few of its employees had their homes flooded, like many in the Houston area and beyond. Those employees that were unaffected are pooling together to contribute and support them, and, in addition to a portion of the proceeds from September revenues, the company will match dollar for dollar the total amount raised by its employees.

"The devastation in Houston is massive," said Max Blankfeld, COO of FamilTreeDNA.com, "we can only hope that all those affected can go back to their normal lives sooner rather than later, and it's upon us and all other fortunate ones to help in this effort."

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