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Great Harvest Challenges Customers to Eat Better for September's Breakfast Month

DILLON, Mont., Sept 1, 2017 : The most important meal of the day may have gotten even more important. For the about 30 percent of Americans that skip breakfast on a routine basis, missing their morning meal could result in cardiovascular disease later in life.

In addition, breakfast-skippers are more susceptible to obesity as a result of frequent day-snacking, poor nutrition and high blood sugar.

The good news: solutions are available and businesses are ready to help.

With the goal of keep Americans healthy by meal planning and eating a nutritious breakfast every morning in mind, Great Harvest Bread Co. has announced a nationwide challenge to encourage consumers to eat better breakfasts. Timed with September's Better Breakfast Month, Great Harvest's #BetterBreakfast Campaign will introduce people to the company's nutritious, delicious, never processed breakfasts.

"We are on a mission to prove to the entire country that we serve up the best breakfasts at our bakery-cafes and that we truly care about the health of our customers," said Eric Keshin, President of Great Harvest Bread Co. "By eating one of our delicious sandwiches in the morning, made to order however you'd like, people will be healthier both in the short and long term, all while enjoying an incredible meal."

Since 1976, Great Harvest Bread bakeries make bread from scratch with whole grains shipped directly as wheat berry from select farms in Montana's Golden Triangle. Every day flour is milled fresh from the wheat berry at each local Great Harvest bakery. Generally a five-hour process, the baking begins every day as early as 2:30 a.m. Every loaf is kneaded by hand, baked and served fresh to all guests who enter at all three dayparts - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Our challenge allows consumers' taste buds to decide if they should continue to settle for the processed breakfasts they've grown accustomed to over the years, and we have no problem putting our money where your mouth is," Keshin said. "If they don't agree with us, we'll give them their money back. But once they taste our breakfast sandwiches, they'll never want to go back to what they had before."
•The challenge will take place during store hours at participating Great Harvest Bread bakery-cafes throughout the month of September.
•Customers can order their better breakfast, which includes a custom-built breakfast sandwich, made to order with any bread or biscuit, bacon or ham, any cheese and topped with a tomato and garlic herb spread.
•Breakfast sandwiches are made with no artificial preservatives and breads are crafted with five simple, all-natural, ingredients: water, salt, honey, yeast and fresh-milled flour.
•If customers don't agree that they are eating the best-tasting healthy breakfast sandwich around, they will receive their money back.
•Customers who post photos of their experience with Great Harvest Bread on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the #BetterBreakfast hashtag will be entered to win one of five $100 gift cards, good at any Great Harvest Bread location in the country.

Better Breakfast Month kicks off Friday, Sept. 1, before Labor Day weekend.

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