TENERIFE, Canary Islands, Sept 1, 2017 : With this new Travellers' Choice Award 2017, Loro Parque becomes the world's number one
A prestigious travel portal TripAdvisor has recognized Loro Parque as the BEST ZOO IN THE WORLD, an award based on the independent evaluations of the users of this worldwide platform.

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This award is yet another acknowledgement of Loro Parque's efforts in conservation of biodiversity and animal welfare, alongside with the HumaneCertified certificate from American Humane, which converted it into the first zoo in Europe to have obtained this standard, and a 100% compliance certificate with the Global Welfare Standards of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) issued by the auditors of Global Spirit .

This recognition by the users of Trip Advisor cannot not be fully grasped without the knowledge about Loro Parque's research and conservation program carried out since 1994 through the Loro Parque Fundacion. Over the last 20+ years, more than 17 million U.S. dollars have been directly invested into conservation programs under the slogan '100% for Nature'.

Loro Parque Fundacion's work has made possible the salvation of nine species of parrots from their imminent extinction, with such examples as Blue-throated macaw, original of Beni, Bolivia, whose population has increased from 50 to 350 individuals with the project, or Lear's Macaw, whose population has increased from 22 to over 1.200 individuals, or Yellow-eared parrot from Colombia, whose numbers have increased to over 4.000 individuals. In 1999, before Loro Parque Fundacion started this project, there were only 82 individuals left in the wild.

The coordinated efforts between Loro Parque and Loro Parque Fundacion, are demonstrated again in the project KAZA aimed to ensure the conservation of the African lion, a highly endangered species whose numbers have decreased in the last 50 years from 100.000 to less than 25.000 Most recent arrival of three Angola lions to Loro Parque's Lion's Kingdom allows them to perform an important role as the ambassadors of their species and help raising awareness about protecting the animals and their natural habitats.

More than 47 million visitors have visited Loro Parque since the park opened its doors almost 45 years ago. That, and considering that more than 700 million people visit zoos every year, TripAdvisor's recognition proves that Loro Parque offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors, who come from all around the world.

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