September 3, 2010 : Rituparana SenGupta who is making a sort of comeback into Bollywood, is riding high. The national award winning actress for 'Dahan' is busy attending the Montreal World Film Festival where her Bengali movie 'Aarohan' has been invited.
The Bengali actress is playing a very rustic character in a Bengali Movie "Aarohan", it's based on a true story that happens in a house in Banaras called "Mukti Bhawan" where people go to die, with a belief that if they die in this house they will attain "Moksha". The Bengali movie is released across India with subtitles in English. It is a movie made by celebrated Bengali film director Pinaki Chaudhry. The veteran Bengali film director is very happy and impressed with Rituparna's performance in the movie. He strongly believes that the movie is for Classes not for the masses.

A source close to Rituparna says, "Rituparna is very happy about her movie being called for the festival. She is very pleased and always wanted to be a part of meaningful cinema and lastly all the things are falling into its place."

Rituparna has a couple of more ambitious projects in hand which includes Madhur Bhandarker's most talked about film Dil To Bachcha hai Ji opposite Ajay Devgan, BBG with Nasiruddin Shah and Jimmy Shergill, SRK (Shivaji Rao Khote) opposite Vijay Raaj and Vinay Pathak, and Darde Disco with Aryaman and Sneha Ullal. Life express with Divya Dutta and Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyun.

The Bengali actress is on a roll, with handful of films in queue...!

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