Kathmandu [Nepal], Aug 28 : Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on Monday briefed the Nepal Parliament highlighting the major political and other engagement of mutual interest during his five-day India visit.
Deuba emphasised on close ties with India for the goodwill of the nation and claimed that there was nothing wrong in briefing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Constitution Amendment Bill.

"I briefed over the amendment attempt made by us during the joint press statement. Some of the political parties', personalities' and media's reaction over it has dragged my attention over it. It is our national agenda to make the Constitution acceptable to all and make it acceptable to all. There is no wrong doing in informing international community about subjects of our national priority," Deuba said while addressing the parliament.

Referring to India and its help over the time of political development and changes over various period of time to Nepal, Prime Minister Deuba termed it natural concern over the political development but warned Nepal won't tolerate any sort of intervention.

"During the peace process and people's movement, the neighbour countries that helped Nepal, their concern over Nepali politics cannot be termed unnatural. But, any sort of intervention by any of our neighbour and other countries over the implementation of Constitution will not be acceptable," Deuba added.

India, the Southern neighbor of Nepal with whom it shares an open border over vast trench of land, had extended help during various political changes starting from the overthrowing of the Rana rule.

One of the major steps initiated by India in support to Nepal was the Peace accord that was signed in Indian national capital-New Delhi- that put an end to over a decade long insurgency, which claimed lives of about 17,000 people and thousands more still missing.

India got in haywire after it lent hand to Madhesh minority groups in 2015, who claimed the newly promulgated Constitution was discriminative against them.

The Madhesh based parties which went to New Delhi were chided by then government under leadership of KP Sharma Oli.

They also halted the flow of goods to Nepal from India by protesting in no man's land in Southern District of Birgung.

By Binod Prasad Adhikari


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