Gulbarga (Karnataka) , August 28 : As many as 34 sheep, including a few goats were found dead in Nrupathunga town here on Sunday, after they allegedly consumed water that contained traces of chemicals from pesticides.
Around 1 p.m., a group of shepherds had come with their flock from a nearby colony for grazing, and the sheep consumed some water from a puddle that was formed due to the rains. Within ten minutes, the shepherds noticed that the sheep started shivering and collapse, following which they alerted the authorities.

Upon inspection, Deputy Director of the Animal Husbandry Department, Namadhev Rathod, told ANI that there were traces of pesticide in the stagnant water, and said the sheep possibly died due to chemical poisoning.

"As soon as we received the information, a team was sent to inspect the matter, along with a scientist, who confirmed that the sheep had died due to chemical poisoning from pesticides in the rain water puddle. The investigation I still going on, and blood samples have been sent to the forensic department to investigate," Rathod told ANI.

Further, he said the shepherds were notified to migrate to other areas until the matter was resolved, adding that they would be approaching the state government for compensation due to the death of the sheep.

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