Saginaw, Mich., United States, Aug 26: Graminex LLC, producer of Graminex Flower Pollen Extracts, is pleased to announce the opening of Graminex Korea Co., Ltd. Sun-Ho Frank Kim, Ph.D. has been appointed Managing Director of the local office in Seoul, Korea.
Dr. Sun-Ho Frank Kim has extensive international experience in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and food industries. Prior to joining Graminex®, Dr. Sun-Ho Frank Kim, held the position of Director at Kunpoong Bio, Branch Manager at US based TSI Health Science and Business Executive Advisor at CJ CheilJedang, developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies. Additionally, Dr. Sun-Ho Frank Kim, brings his scientific background and KFDA experience to Graminex®. Dr. Sun-Ho Frank Kim earned a Doctor of Science degree in Biomaterial Sciences from Yonsei University, Korea.

“Graminex® is dedicated to maintaining its high customer service standards. Growing global markets and current customers will benefit from the physical presence of Graminex® Korea Co., Ltd. Dr. Sun-Ho Frank Kim, as Managing Director, adds support to Graminex’s continued commitment to our global customer base in regards to regulation, technical, and logistical support in an expedited manner,” stated Heather J. May, COO.

“I am pleased to be working with Graminex® in regards to the expansion of its offices in Korea and increasing the awareness of the clinically proven health benefits of Graminex® Flower Pollen Extracts™,” added Dr. Sun-Ho Frank Kim.

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