Pune, Aug 26: Bajaj Finance Ltd, India's leading diversified financial services company has reported a significant growth their deposit in the Q1. Deposit witnessed a rise of 74pc to Rs 5,095 crores Q1FY18.
The company intends to take this to 20-25% levels in the next 4-5 years. Currently, BFL retail deposit constitutes of around 10% of overall borrowing and in the coming years, this number is expected to rise significantly. The company expects that in the next five years the 20-25% of BFL borrowing is expected to come from the retail deposit.

The Indian Fixed Deposits market is estimated to be Rs. Rs.110,00,000 crore of which the corporates FDs is approximately 50%. Bajaj Finance will continue to leverage its better operational efficiencies to offer Fixed Deposits which are one of the safest investments at one of the best interest rates in the country.

Bajaj Finance offers 7.85% interest rate on FDs and is amongst the leading corporate in the FD segment. The interest rate can go up to 8.10% depending on the customer type. This makes Fixed Deposits investment more lucrative option than keeping one's money in a savings bank account. One can start a Fixed Deposit with Bajaj Finance with a minimum deposit of Rs. 25,000.

Bajaj Finance has a wide geographic network to help any customer open a Fixed Deposit account in 200+ cities in the country. This means that a customer can easily access any of company branches to open their Fixed Deposits.

Bajaj Finance's Fixed Deposits are available in various tenors from 12 to 60 months according to the customer needs. Additionally, they have the flexibility to close their FD account and start another one for a different duration.

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