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Blackdog Speed Shop Announces New Engines - There's No Replacement for Displacement

Blackdog Speed Shop Announces New Engines - There's No Replacement for Displacement
LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., Aug. 26, 2017 : "There's no replacement for displacement" is the old adage in hot rodding. Turbos, superchargers, and nitrous challenge this statement, today. But, whether you want naturally aspirated, or you choose to use a turbo or super charger to increase power, you will always be limited by the engine that is at the heart of your project.

Whichever platform you desire, starting with a solid foundation is always the smartest way to go. If you want to make serious power, eventually you will have to upgrade your stock engine.

Blackdog's first engine is designed for boost. If you have an LSA and want more power. Stepping up from the LSA 378 cubic inches, this package is 427 cid.
•A custom spec camshaft, optimized for boosted applications, is partnered with a crankshaft and true roller timing set.
•Heads receive a Stage 4 port job and severe-duty valves.
•To handle the high heat of boosted applications, the exhaust valves are made of Inconel.

If you are content with the stock LSA supercharger, it gets ported as well, unless you decide you want to really get wild. This package is more than capable of handling much higher boost than the stock blower. Close to 50 extra cubic inches, combined with stronger internals, provides a greater power potential.

Blackdog's custom "510"cid is a crate engine package that we developed some years ago in conjunction with our friends at Goodwin Competition.
•This engine easily swaps with LS engines due to its ability to use all of the stock LS sensors, as well as front accessories.
•Among the largest LS engines roaming the streets, this uses a tall deck block.
•Internally, it's filled with forged components, but uses higher compression pistons and NA camshaft to deliver 800+ horsepower and 692 lb/ft of torque.
•Using standard unleaded 93 octane fuel.
•This package requires a stout drive train behind it.

With the low-end grunt of a big block, it also performs with the high-RPM horsepower of a small block.

When it comes time to increase your power potential, whether you're looking at naturally aspirated or boosted options, give the Blackdog crew a call to discuss options.

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