Mumbai (Maharashtra) , Aug 25 : After a local train running on Harbour line in Mumbai derailed on Friday, Ravindra Bhakar, CPRO, Western railway ensured that there has been no casualty and that the train will be restored in the next two hours.
Elaborating on the cause of derailment, he said, "From Mahim onwards there was a problem in OHE (overhead equipment), so it was decided to terminate this train and to reverse it from the down direction to up direction, so during the reversal at one particular point after five coaches, past the remaining six, seven, eight, nine coaches got derailed."

Although, the restoration work got hampered by the rains, two derailed coaches were restored back on track.

"No casualties or major injuries, only five people had minor injuries and first aid was given to them. After that, all is being fine," he added.

The accident is just another addition to the list of derailments to have occurred in the recent past.

Two days ago, Kaafiyat express derailed near Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh. A major derailment took place on August 19, Saturday, when 13 coaches of Utkal Express derailed in Muzaffaragar district of Uttar Pradesh.

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