Aqua-Yield/Bethel TriYield Target Florida's Greening (HLB) Epidemic
DRAPER, Utah, Aug. 25, 2017 : New data supports Aqua-Yield as the nation's leader in nano-technology fertilizer and today, the company released new information showing its technology and distributor partnership with Bethel TriYield is having a major, positive impact on the devastating physical and economic effects of Huanglongbing (HLB) or Greening.
HLB has devastated Florida citrus operations since first discovered in the state in 2005. The systematic greening of orchards took an incredible economic toll and farmers had few if any weapons to fight back. Over the last 12 years, numbers indicate a discouraging trend. The 2004-2005 growing seasons produced 242 million boxes of oranges compared to the 2016-2017 season of only 68.5 million boxes — the culprit: HLB. Aqua-Yield's patented nanotechnology process and delivery system, combined with Bethel Farms experience and distribution expertise (distributing as Bethel TriYield), are the farmer's best and most direct tools in combating HLB.

Steve Sorrells, President of Sorrells Groves Inc. located in Desoto County Florida, stated: "We use the TriYield/Aqua-Yield program on 5,000 acres. In order for a tree to increase production, it has to look better. After using Bethel TriYield products, our trees look better and production is up! This gives me optimism, optimism for the future. We can stay in business. We can operate and preserve our family business for the next generation. It gives me hope!"

Bethel's initial use of Aqua-Yield's nanotechnology fertilizer began on the company's sod farms in late summer of 2013. Because of immediate successes there, trials aggressively moved to Bethel's Valencia Sweet orange groves at their Arcadia headquarters. At the time, all blocks were considered 90-100% HLB infected. After only two months of applications, the younger trees began to show improvement in comparison to control trees. By December 2013, mature trees were yielding more leaves and improved root density. In January of 2014, all Bethel Citrus Blocks included Aqua-Yield technology in production programs. The numbers tell an incredibly positive story. While the 2014-2015 Florida production dropped statewide, Bethel Farms production increased 21% from an average of 224 boxes per acre to 270 Boxes per acre. In 2015, additional nutritional and organic formulations were created for use in citrus production. While the average 2015-2016 Florida production dropped another 26%, Bethel Farms 2015-2016 crop was up an average of 39%, from 270 boxes per acre to 376 boxes per acre. 2016/2017 numbers are still coming in and all expectations remain high for another across-the-board increase for all those utilizing Aqua-Yield and Bethel TriYield fertilizer technology.

Clark T. Bell is CEO and a Co-Founder of Aqua-Yield. "We were confident in our ability to reproduce results we had seen in so many practical university applications and field tests. We knew the science was not only clearly behind what we were doing, but supported every effort made in transitioning results to all areas of agriculture; from grasses to nuts and from melons to citrus." He continued, "The early results from Florida, now over several cycles, prove that our patented system and delivery process can help Florida's citrus growers return to what we hope to be historically high production numbers. Our partnership with Bethel TriYield could literally save Florida's citrus future."

Chris Kamberg is the Innovations Sales Specialist at Bethel Farms. He stated, "From the outset, our focus in joining forces with Aqua-Yield was clear, Bethel TriYield was formed in order to share the extraordinarily positive benefits of Aqua-Yield Technology. We were more than pleasantly surprised with the success Bethel Farms was experiencing with all of our Florida growers."

As previously stated, Bethel Farms is not alone in the utilization of Aqua-Yield fertilizers. Sorrel's Groves have seen steady improvement and others are also seeing increased tree vigor, canopy, root density and production. Over the most recent two-year period, numbers place increased overall production between 17- and 113%!

Stan Pelham, Business Manager for McCarlton Partnership based in Hardee County Florida, says the new technology almost assuredly saved his operations. "I've been on this job for just over 40 years. We were considering pushing our groves due to the rapid decline in production. Last year, the industry production was down around 20%, but our overall production was up just over 15%. Of course, that made us very happy. This year, the trees look even better. We've had the best-looking flushes we've seen in years. Fruit is sizing, clean and there are more pieces, so we are beyond satisfied with the program."

Pat Carlton served on the Citrus Commission for four years and is a seventh-generation Floridian. Mr. Carlton stated; "One-and-a-half years ago, we were seriously considering pushing up our groves and putting them in pasture. We were devastated by HLB just like everyone in our region. We started on the Bethel TriYield program and that, in and of itself, turned it around for us. We are a testament that in fact, it does work."

Every step in the Aqua-Yield process is patent-protected, or patent-pending protected.

Art Womack is a retired professor at the University of Southern California (USC), now residing in Hardee County Florida. Mr. Womack was eager to offer high praise. "The Bethel TriYield products utilizing Aqua-Yield's nanotechnology has turned things around for me. The smaller particles are moving throughout the tree and the delivery of those nutrients is very efficient. It has to be this technology that is so important for the success we're seeing. It's not just one grove, it's all our groves. We are seeing very few symptoms of HLB in our trees. It's an easy program to adopt and I'm seeing cost reductions of up to thirty percent. (30%) They are making it easy for the grower to apply their products and follow the program. There are a lot of more expensive products out there, but I'm not sure I would get the same results."

Finally, a necessary note about the chances taken in commitment to a dream, technology, science and advancement. In summarizing the risk of the initial investment in both time and capital, Mr. Bell stated: "The Aqua-Yield products are based solely on the science of nanotechnology. There were inherent risks associated with developing the science and financially backing its progression, but we were willing to do that because of our underlying and undying belief in the benefit it would provide at home and around the world. These numbers from Florida are an early, clear indication, that the risk of developing the process and delivery system were not only worth it, but can literally be a game-changer in the agricultural world."

Aqua-Yield is a rapidly-growing sustainable fertilizer technology company. Co-founded in 2014, Aqua-Yield has introduced the "smallest innovation in agricultural history". Aqua-Yield's technologies deliver materials directly to the plant's cells leading to a much higher overall efficiency. Aqua-Yield's process introduces liquid nanotechnology to agriculture leading to significant advantages for the grower. Results of the company's unique technologies include: higher yields, lower cost inputs, shorter crop cycles, less environmental impact and an increase in nutrient impact.

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