IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 25, 2017 : Digital Video Enterprises (DVE), an award winning telepresence solution provider, announces the launch of the DVE Holo-Suite, creating ultra-realistic holographic images of people in a telepresence meeting.
Demonstrations of the Holo-Suite have proven that wearing augmented reality glasses available from Microsoft and Magic Leap are not needed to have an impressive holographic meeting experience.

The DVE Holo-Suite creates the appearance that people are standing in the midst of the room and not in a TV set hanging on the wall, resulting in life-size people sharing the same meeting space even though they may be on the other side of the globe. Unlike earlier reflected based systems, the Holo-Suite uses a transparent holographic optic with images so bright they can be seen in fully lit rooms. The Holo-Suite has also proven to be extremely practical, incorporating standard videoconferencing codecs and mics from Cisco, Life-Size, and Polycom. The experience is immersive, as if you were sitting on the other side of the table from the remote participants. Further, traditional videoconferencing systems have cameras mounted on top of the display screens that capture images of participants looking down with poor eye contact. The DVE Holo-Suite cleverly conceals the camera near eye level while sitting, enabling a greater sense of eye contact while conferencing.

The DVE Holo-Suite utilizes a revolutionary transparent image plane that redirects image light directly to the eyes of the observers creating additional perceived brightness of the image. According to DVE's Co-Founder, Jeff Machtig, "With older reflected based holograms, room lights would wash out the image. Our new laser based image surpasses the brightness of consumer TVs."

The DVE Holo-Suite also enables 3D volumetric images generated for captivating presentations. The presentations can be video segments, real-time computer-generated objects, and even display transparent slide deck presentations. The Holo-Suite is available now for purchase, and integration design into meeting rooms around the globe is underway. DVE has installed next generation telepresence in over 20 countries for leading corporations, governments, and universities.

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