BENGALURU, August 25, 2017 : The recent incidents related to private security guards, like the one in Indore where a security guard posted at an SBI ATM was stealing card details from unsuspecting villagers to splurge shop online or the one in Delhi where the security manager of a 5-star hotel was misbehaving with his junior female colleague, keeps reminding us of the popular Kannada proverb ಬೇಲೀನೇ ಎದ್ದು ಹೊಲ ಮೇಯ್ದಂತೆ (meaning: the situation is like the fence that was meant to be protecting the harvest, but eating it instead). The trust worthiness of the people who are supposed to be protecting others is critical for a safe and secure society.
Though such reported instances might be small in number, it creates a sense of insecurity and lack of trust in everyone, and a few bad apples spoil the reputation and good work of the entire security guard community.

The private security service providers in Karnataka, under the leadership of KSSA (Karnataka Security Services Association) have taken a proactive step in this direction, not just to reduce the risk of such instances based on past history, but also taking measures to increase the overall safety and trust factor going forward, with adoption of cutting-edge technology-driven solutions.

KSSA is an association of 400 members, across Karnataka, with a combined manpower strength of 5 lakh security guards, helping guard various establishments, companies, malls, software parks, schools, public facilities, banks, ATMs, etc. They have partnered with BetterPlace Safety Solutions, a digital trust platform for India's Next Billion, to help validate, enhance and sustain trust in the ecosystem, with pre-hiring and post-hiring solutions like job-specific assessment, background verification consisting of ID, address, criminal antecedents and police verifications, digital on-boarding, attendance management, job specific training covering both mandatory job skills (as per PSAR Act), and soft skills like English speaking, gender sensitivity, customer courtesy, etc, and exit management.

On 23rd August, the new dedicated KSSA Onboarding and Training Centre was inaugurated at BetterPlace's M.G. Road office.

On the occasion, Mr. Shashidar B M, President, KSSA said, "We are extremely happy to be partnering with BetterPlace to help us provide a better place for the people of Karnataka, our customers, and our employees, with the use of new age data, analytics and digital technology, which makes it paperless and also reduces the cost of our operations drastically. Also, since most of the guards in the security industry come from outside the state as a migratory workforce, knowing more about them at a central place would help the Karnataka Police immensely."

This would not only drastically cut down the time it takes to on-board and deploy people on the ground, but also, having a centralised system has its many advantages, especially given the fact that this industry is challenged with a high attrition rate of 80%, and the employees, i.e., private security guards typically move within the industry, from one employer to another.

Also, a digital trust platform helps improve the trust score for 98% of the people with a clean and continuous record, thus making them eligible for deserving services like loan, insurance, promotions, etc. At the same time, it helps reduce the risks by the minority by 2% with tainted background, who could have earlier got away from one place, to be innocently re-employed in another place.

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