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Stylish accessories that are in vogue this monsoon

New Delhi , August 25 : Monsoons bring a lot of fun moments and might lure you to jump, splash and swing on the water-filled puddles. But as much fun as it may sound, the rains can be extremely spoilsport and be a fashion lover's worst nightmare in no time.

Be it an important meeting or an evening party, you don't want to play down on your style and look dull in this gloomy weather.

So if you don't want the rains to ruin your fashion game, here is a lowdown, by Ragini Varma, fashion expert at Fynd, on how to prep up your look with the right type of accessories so that you can look chic and fashionable despite the dreary weather:

1) Keep it simple and minimal: Minimalism is the ideal way to choose accessories during this season. Do not over-accessorize or wear heavy-studded pieces that may get messy to handle in the rains. Bulky accessories in this muddled weather will not even let you enjoy the rains freely. So, whether you plan to go on a date or decide to go for an outing with your friends, pick simple and lightweight accessories in the rains that can raise your style quotient a few notches up.

2) Ditch metals for plastic: This monsoon, get your hands on some funky plastic jewellery. After all, you don't want your sassy metallic jewellery to get tarnished due to the high moisture content in the air. Lock them safely in your cupboard and bring in some fun element with plastic or resin jewellery. Do not forget to replace your leather and metal watches with the water-resistant ones. Watches with multi-coloured big dials and straps can quirk up your look this season.

3) Play with colours: Monsoon is all about the myriad of colours. The best picks for this monsoon should be from colours such as pink, yellow, blue, orange, purple, etc. If you want to add some spunk to your plain outfits is to adorn colourful and funky plastic jewellery like a colorful-beaded stretch bracelet or rainbow-coloured plastic neck piece. Plastic jewellery in vibrant colours is ruling major runways. You can also mix and match your accessories to get rid of your plain-Jane look. A good way to ward off the monsoon blues, right? But, while you want to beat this dull and messy weather with colours, refrain from mixing too many colours as it will make your ensemble look confusing. Therefore, keep it simple, keep it stylish!

4) Raise your style quotient with statement pieces: Make your simple outfit much more interesting with a statement neckpiece. One bright-coloured neckpiece, tear-drop earrings or hoops along with a broad bangle can raise your style bar instantly! Accessorize your basic tees and dresses with a dainty chain paired with a catchy pendant or with chunky bangles. Something light and easy to carry without too much hassle would make for a great choice this monsoon.

5) Revive the '80s hairstyles: Monsoon comes as the right season to resurrect the '80s hairstyles. Instead of just tying up your hair into a messy bun, give it a spin with a colorfully-printed or polka-dotted ribbon. You can also pin up your hair with some vibrant and colourful bobby pins and funky hairclips.

6) Flaunt trendy raincoats and umbrellas: Indulge in some stylish raincoats and colourful umbrellas this season. You can also add a dash of zing to your look with fashionable umbrellas, balloon raincoats, transparent raincoats, rain ponchos that come in a variety of bright and neon shades.

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Stylish accessories that are in vogue this monsoon

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