SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Aug. 24, 2017 : AARP Illinois is pleased to hear today that the Illinois Department on Aging intends to withdraw the controversial Community Reinvestment Program (CRP) rules and the proposed changes to the Community Care Program (CCP) from the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.
AARP Illinois, which represents 1.7 million Illinoisans, ages 50 and older, stood united with lawmakers, aging advocates, labor and seniors to oppose Governor Rauner's senior care initiative which shifted 36,000 seniors, without due process, into an untested statewide initiative with no demonstrated fact-based evidence of success.

The fast-paced advance of CRP for 36,000 non-Medicaid seniors would have constituted a dangerous precedent for Illinois, with prioritization of service reductions over the safety of thousands of Illinois' frailest population.

From the beginning, AARP opposed CRP in its entirety, and joined with fellow aging advocates and lawmakers to oppose it. Our collective voices saved thousands from premature and unnecessary nursing home placement while protecting our state's leading senior in-home and community based care program.

We would like to commend the leadership and hard work of legislators who stood with seniors and fellow aging advocates, especially State Senator Daniel Biss, and State Representatives Greg Harris and Anna Moeller.

We also thank the Department on Aging for its decision to withdraw the rule changes, and we look forward to an open and continuous dialogue with the Department and the Governor's office to develop reforms to sustain CCP through the expansion of Medicaid waivers, cost saving policies, and greater accountability standards."

(Posted on 25 August 2017, 1675361543 3O237O29O69)