Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Govt working on doubling farmers' income by 2022, assures PM Modi

New Delhi , Aug. 24 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday assured the farmers that the Government is working on achieving the target of doubling their income by 2022.

Addressing the nation via video conferencing at the golden jubilee and foundation day celebrations of Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation, Prime Minister Modi said, "For the development of the nation, prosperity of farmers is essential. The 'Anna Datas' of the nation should be free from worries. The Government is working on target of doubling income of farmers by 2022."

The Prime Minister asserted that time has come for the blue revolution, a new national policy on fisheries, paving the way to achieve this target through implementation of an umbrella scheme for integrated development and management of fisheries.

"We saw the green and the white revolution. Time has come for the blue revolution, for fishermen and sweet revolution, for more honey production," he mentioned.

Averring that we take immense pride in our villages and the culture of our villages, he said the way ahead lies in improving digital infrastructure in our villages.

Prime Minister Modi said the Government has already taken measures for water conservation but those initiatives will only be successful if there is mass movement regarding water conservation.

"Along with Jan Andolan, Jal Andolan can help us for the future," he added.

(ANI | 3 years ago)