OKEMOS, Mich., Aug. 24, 2017 : Parent satisfaction at Great Lakes Cyber Academy (GLCA) far outweighed that of traditional public schools in the United States, according to the school's 2016-17 Parent Satisfaction Survey, administered through an independent research firm.
The survey found that 94 percent of parents at the public, tuition-free virtual school gave the program an "A" or "B" grade, compared to 67 percent of public school parents who rated their child's school the same.

"With increased parent involvement and use of technology in the classroom, we find that GLCA's education model fits our families' lifestyles best," said Heather Ballien, principal of GLCA. "Students today are expected to volunteer within their community, dedicate time to an extracurricular activity, and have exceptional grades. All of that is possible, but there needs to be a strong educational foundation in place, and parents are finding GLCA to be the foundation they're looking for."

The annual survey also found:
•98% of parents say their child is satisfied with GLCA's program
•98% of parents are satisfied with the helpfulness of GLCA teachers
•96% of parents agree the curriculum is high quality

"I like the curriculum the most," said Gina Smith, parent at GLCA. "Each course gives my daughter a thorough knowledge of the subject."

Families have diverse reasons for choosing GLCA, including: desire for more flexibility (54%), change from their current school (37%), and desire for a safe learning environment (24%).

GLCA offers students the flexibility to learn from wherever there is an Internet connection. GLCA offers families an individualized approach to education with Michigan-certified teachers, a proven curriculum, engaging electives, technology tools and community experiences. Students in grades 9-12 also take advantage of the virtual school's unique pacing options, including traditional school year and accelerated tracks, which take place year-round.

"The support from the staff is outstanding," said Bob Dunningan, another GLCA parent. "I like the fact that I can review my son's progress on a single website. If he falls behind, then I know it."

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