BOSTON, Aug. 24, 2017 : MOON Selfie, first-of-its-kind compact selfie light accessory, launches today on Kickstarter. Its sleek and sophisticated design is compatible for smartphones, tablets and thin screens alike.
With customizable brightness and color temperature, users can optimize their lighting preference easily with a simple touch of the finger, allowing for the perfect lighting and best selfie experience whenever and wherever.

The inspiration for MOON came to CEO and co-founder, Edward Madongorere, one night when he and his wife were struggling to take a selfie due to bad lighting. In a light bulb moment, he used his phone's flashlight and her phone's camera resulting in superior picture. Soon after, Madongorere teamed up with CTO and co-founder, Dishen "Dixon" Yang, who also had a passion for engineering, product design, manufacturing and entrepreneurship. With more than 20 years of experience combined, the two put their heads together to create MOON.

"Over 24 billion selfies have been uploaded to Google Photo App in the past year alone. Everyone is looking to capture themselves in the moment and if the lighting is poor, it can put a damper on creating those lasting memories," said Madongorere. "Whether you're sending a picture to your parents while traveling, or attempting to post the perfect profile picture, we want to help make the process better and easier with MOON's advanced lightning technology."

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