New York [USA], August 24 : Clinical depression has taken center stage in the recent past, with an increasing number of people falling prey to it, particularly among the youth.
However, with Google's latest update, users in the United States of America (USA) can clinically validate the same just by the click of a button.

A report published by The Verge revealed that in the coming days, those who search for "depression" on Google, will be given an option to take a screening questionnaire to test whether they're depressed. However, a company spokesperson clarified, this is just for making sure that help reaches on time, and is not meant to sideline medical evaluation.

Users in the US, who search for 'depression,' can avail information regarding the symptoms and remedies on Google's Knowledge Panel. Additionally, users can click on an option termed 'check if you're clinically depressed', following which users are directed to a screening questionnaire called PHQ-9. The evaluations are kept private and candidates can instantly seek help, if required. Using the results of the questionnaire, an individual can have a more detailed conversion with medical experts.

With this latest update, the firm hopes to ensure that those in need have access to timely medical expertise in order to avoid further deterioration. It also hopes that more such cases will be detected, thus helping depression to be less of a taboo.

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