Beijing [China], August 23 : China has hoped that India will take practical and positive actions to correct its incorrect words and deeds.
China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the remarks after Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Monday that although India is not aggressive and has never initiated an attack and it will not compromise on nation's security.

The Home Minister further added that he was hopeful that China will soon initiate a dialogue on the Doklam standoff and hoped that Beijing will make a positive move in this regard.

However, spokesperson Hua said that the precondition and basis for resolving the event is that India instantaneously and unconditionally withdraws its trespassing border troops and equipment to the Indian side of the boundary, Xinhua reports.

She further said, "China is a peace-loving country and definitely upholds peace, it will definitely protect its national sovereignty and territorial integrity and never allow any country to violate its territorial sovereignty for any reason."

Rajnath Singh said global viewpoint is that, India is a country who has never cast an evil eye on any other country, nor does it docks an expansionist attitude that threatens its neighbors.

The Doklam area is undisputed Chinese territory, claimed Hua, adding, "India's intrusion into Chinese territory under the pretext of China's road building lacks legal grounds and India's arguments are simply untenable."

"Following India's logic, if China feels that India's infrastructure construction in border areas threatens Chinese security, China can openly send troops to Indian Territory to stop it," Hua said.

Hua also further warned that if India's ridiculous logic is tolerated, international norms will be undermined.

China has so far maintained a high degree of self-discipline, she said, and hopes that India will act like a big country and come up with a responsible and reasonable attitude towards the resolution of the issue.

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