Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020

US temporarily suspends nonimmigrant visa operations in Russia

Moscow [Russia], August 21 : The United States will temporarily suspend all nonimmigrant visa operations across its Russia embassy in Moscow.

"Due to the Russian government-imposed cap on U.S. diplomatic personnel in Russia, all nonimmigrant visa operations across Russia will be suspended on August 23," said the U.S. embassy in Russia.

However, the embassy clarified nonimmigrant operations would resume at its Moscow office on September 1, but remain suspended at its consulates in Yekaterinburg and Vladisvostok indefinitely.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the U.S. is trying to whip up resentment among Russian citizens on the decisions taken by Russian authorities.

"The first impression is the US authors of these decisions have plotted another attempt at stirring up resentment among Russian citizens regarding decisions by the Russian authorities," TASS news agency quoted Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as saying.

"Russia is still reviewing the US Department of State's announcement on suspending issuing visas to Russian citizens before responding to these restrictions," Lavrov added

The move comes after Russia retaliated last month against U.S. Congressional approval of fresh American sanctions, ordering Washington to cut its diplomatic presence in Russia by 755 people.

(ANI | 3 years ago)