Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020

Microsoft acquires cycle computing for users to accelerate to cloud

New Delhi , Aug 21 : Microsoft on Monday announced the acquisition of Cycle Computing, which will help make it easier for Azure customers to use High Performance Computing (HPC) and other Big Computing capabilities in the cloud and help them accelerate their movement to the cloud.

Microsoft can now leverage its expertise in extending and migrating Linux and Windows based HPC jobs to the cloud by acquiring Cycle Computing.

Azure has a massive global footprint and more than any other major cloud provider. It also has powerful infrastructure, Infini Band support for fast networking and state-of-the-art GPU capabilities.

Cycle Computing makes optimizing Hybrid HPC workloads easier and the process of bursting or migrating HPC clusters to the cloud more productive. It offers tools that help companies orchestrate and manage large scale compute jobs across hybrid environments.

The cloud is quickly changing the world of Big Compute, giving customers the on-demand power and infrastructure necessary to run massive workloads at scale without the overhead.

As customers continue to look for faster, more efficient ways to run their workloads, Cycle Computing depth and expertise around massively scalable applications make them a great fit for Microsoft's larger objective.

(ANI | 3 years ago)