WASHINGTON, Aug.19, 2017 : Responding to news of the widening Brazilian Car Wash graft probe, Harry Sargeant III issued the following statement regarding his non-involvement and non-ownership of Sargeant Marine:
"Sargeant Marine, the entity recently ensnared in the Brazilian Car Wash graft probe, was and is a company owned, controlled, and operated by my father and brothers. I have had no ownership of or involvement in the business and affairs of Sargeant Marine including without limitation any conduct associated with the Brazilian transactions forming part of the "Lava Jato" probe.

While I have no involvement whatsoever in this company, I am prepared to cooperate fully with the Brazilian and other authorities in connection with their ongoing investigation and prosecution of corrupt activities by Sargeant Marine and any others."

(Posted on 20 August 2017, 1675925830 3O93O74O25)