Best Chore Chart and Reward App for Back-To-School from Wishfinity
LEASANTON, Calif., Aug. 18, 2017 : Back to school is one of the best times of year to implement a comprehensive motivational device for better-behaved kids in the home and the classroom. Incentivizing kids to study and practice healthy living at any age seems like a never ending challenge.
Stanford Child Psychologist Laura Kauffman, Ph.D., suggests parents use "tangible, consistent, and immediate" reward systems that allow the child to buy into both the choice of reward as well as the skill or behavior to master. A new school year provides the perfect backdrop for setting up your family's chore chart and reward system with challenges like getting to bed on time. Layer on studying and finishing homework then set the reward value for accomplishing each. To make this process less daunting for both parent and child, Wishfinity stands out.

First, by deliberately shifting the focus away from the negativity of chores, jobs, and nagging to-do's, Wishfinity's wish exchange paradigm sets a positive, engaging tone. Both responsibilities and rewards become wishes, either from the parent to the child or from the child to themselves. When chores are expressed as the parent's "wish" with an explanation as to why they value the action, kids are more cooperative.

Kids are notorious for "I want!" with Wishfnity parents can turn each "I want" into a motivational tool. A tantrum in the store becomes "add it to your Wishfinity wish list." No gimmicky virtual stickers, kids earn physical products and real-world experiences that they choose from a robust shopping experience. Providing desirable rewards is critical to engage the child during their entire development and into adulthood.

Allowances are unmanaged and often seen as an entitlement rather than something earned. Wishfinity's reward system provides parents a simple method for attributing kids' allowance directly to developing valuable life skills. No more lecturing kids about how "money doesn't grow on trees." With Wishfinity, kids experience the opportunity and consequences of performing their commitments as students. According to Dr. Kauffman reward systems for kids prepare them for adulthood, "As adults, we engage in work because, hopefully, we experience some enjoyment in the activity, but we also perform our job for the paycheck."

Superior functionality further sets Wishfinity apart from competitors.
•Wishfinity customers can choose from hundreds of starter wishes, many of which come with "how to" content
, or they can free-form enter whatever they want. •Wishes can be requested or proposed by any user, making the experience more reflective of healthy relationship communication.
•Available on most web-enabled devices in addition to the mobile app, the entire family can trade wishes amongst each other creating a fun and positive social network of wish exchanges.
•Families can control the value of each life skill or chore, schedule it with full calendaring, express the reason for the wish, and even share it on other social platforms.
•Comprehensive parental controls are available to multiple guardians within the platform, no need to employ multiple, unconnected apps. Extended family, teachers, even spouses can trade wishes with each other as well as with children.
•A clean, modern UI was designed for multigenerational use, not just for toddlers. No childish cartoons and garish design that a child quickly outgrows. Wishfinity evolves with the child into adulthood and eventually parenthood because people never stop wishing and Wishfinity supports nearly every wish type.

The flexible and dynamic nature of Wishfinity's motivational platform is meaningful for not only families but educators as well. Teachers can express wishes to students and parents, and create a wish list for the classroom supplies. The back to school timeframe is ideal for setting a child up for success by implementing an incentivization program, and Wishfinity has the most powerful features to enable good grades, behaviors, and health.

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