SAN DIEGO, Aug. 18, 2017 : Put public safety over bar profits! DO NOT extend bar hours!
WHO: Community members and Public health and safety advocates speak out against proposed 4:00 am bar closing
•Crisiti Walker, MADD
•Brian Curry, past chair Pacific Beach Community Planning Group
•Judith Rojas, recent UCSD graduate
•Lucky Morrison, former North Park resident
•Lisa Bridges, California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
11:00 am

North Park Way & 29th Street - northwest corner
San Diego, California

Note: Directly behind the Observatory, the site of an alcohol-fueled melee and stabbing. Media will receive eye witness video of the brawl including the overwhelming police presence needed to contain the violence.

•Extending bar hours to 4 am will result in alcohol-related problems and impose more burden on law enforcement!
•San Diego's top crime neighborhoods are already drowning in alcohol. Extending alcohol hours will exacerbate impact on neighborhoods.
•California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) does not have resources to investigate nuisance, crime and other alcohol compliance problems.
•Impacts of a 4 am last call will not stay local. The harms and costs will spread across all of our roads ways and communities forcing all municipalities to pay the price for additional law enforcement, EMT and other costs.
•Alcohol-related deaths in California top 10,500 per year with over 900,000 alcohol-related incidents of harm including crime, injuries, sexual assault, and high-risk sex.
•According to CDC reports, California suffers $35 billion a year in alcohol-related harm, with local and state governments paying nearly $14.5 billion annually.
•The $350 million dollars the state receives annually in alcohol taxes and fees does not even come close to covering the costs.
•Put public safety over bar profits! DO NOT extend bar hours!

CAPA Members

Alcohol Justice
Alcohol-Narcotic Education Foundation
Bay Area Community Resources
Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
Community Action, Service & Advocacy/CASA
CA Council on Alcohol Problems
Center for Open Recovery
Eden Youth and Family Center
Institute for Public Strategies
FASD Network of Southern CA
Friday Night Live Partnership
Koreatown Youth and Community Center
L.A. County Friday Night Live
L.A. Drug & Alcohol Policy Alliance
Lutheran Office of Public Policy - California
MFI Recovery Center
Mountain Communities Family Resource Center
Partnership for a Positive Pomona
Paso por Paso, Inc.
Project SAFER
Pueblo y Salud
Reach Out
San Marcos Prevention Coalition
San Rafael Alcohol & Drug Coalition
Santee Solutions
SAY San Diego
Saving Lives Drug & Alcohol Coalition
South Orange County Coalition
Tarzana Treatment Centers,Inc.

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