SHANGHAI, Aug. 18, 2017 : China Human-Machine Interaction Summit 2017 will be held in Crowne Plaze Shanghai Noah Square on November 1-2 2017. The Summit is organized by ECV International Shanghai Co. and sponsored by Elektrobit.
Human-machine interaction technology and computer have always been developing together. With the increasing computing power of CPU & GPU, the rapid development of network and communication technology, further promotion of AI and a major breakthrough of HCI provide a new starting point and height. In recent years, HCI has realized many revolutions and develop by leaps and bounds due to technology and market demands. Nowadays, HCI equipment gains a promising expectation of its market scale of and wide range of its application area. Market leaders must design and interact device with multi-mode and personalized technology. Interaction of touching, dialogue, gestures and future will open a new world for us. How the majorities of enterprises to deal with it in face of such changes and opportunities?

In order to help industry leaders to further understand the status of artificial intelligence, application and future trends.Lots of relevants will attend this conference and achieve our goal through topic sharing,pannel discussion and question interaction.Meanwhile,it will be a suitable platform for promoting industry leaders to communicate with each other and talking about cooperation so that we can push ahead with the development of the industry..

China Human-Machine Interaction Summit 2017:
•Wonderful Speeches by the Executives of Well-known HMI and relative Enterprises
•150+ Decision Makers and Industry Authorities from HMI and Relative Enterprises From China and Other Countries

This forum will focus on the hot topics as below:
•The Status of Technology and Application in Human-Machine Interaction and Development Trend
•Voice Interaction - The Core of the Intelligent Age in the Future
•New era of Human-Machine Interaction Assisted by Biometric Technology
•The Latest Intelligent Voice Recognition Technology Improve the Communication between Car and People
•Latest Gesture Recognition Technology for Driving Safety
•Innovate Human-Computer Interface Design to Enhance the Interactive Experience of Vehicle
•Intelligent Cockpit System In Autonomous Driving
•High-Performance Sensor Chip Help Creating a New Trend of Human-Machine Interaction
•Moving from Tool-based to Platform-based HMI Development
•Improve Information Security of Human Car Interaction
•Panel:The Technical Challenge & Application of HMI Driven by AI
•Break the Barrier of Traditional Interface For Human-Machine Communication
•Construct Intelligent Interactive System of Consumer Electronics
•Depth Camera to Achieve Deep Perception and Human-Computer Interaction
•The Development of Intelligent Terminal New Display
•Open a New Chapter on HMI Diversification Of Smart Home
•Innovate HMI System to Realize Industrial Intellectualization
•Design User-Friendly HMI for Industrial and Personal Use
•Create the Most Natural Way of Somatosensory Interaction
•Emotional Computing Makes Interaction Smoother

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