Thursday, 23 Jan 2020

Only clean washroom can keep germs at bay

New Delhi , August 18 : Gone are the days when people were complacent with a small washroom equipped with little functionality.

These days, the status of a washroom has been elevated to that of a living room or the kitchen and consumers are seeking the world's choicest and most cosmopolitan experiences for their washroom. Thanks to the convenience and luxury provided by technology that the washrooms have witnessed a massive transformation. While the transformation has taken place with exceptional aesthetics, the washroom still remains a space that harbours a lot of nasty bacteria. This is one of the most active humid areas in your house that can act as a perfect breeding spot for germs.

That is why GROHE has come up with a few cleaning tips to ensure that your washroom always remains an oasis of hygiene and happiness:

1) Do not forget to flush: Always remember to flush the toilet with the toilet lid down to restrict the spread of bacteria in the room.

2) Use toilet paper: Always keep toilet tissues in the washroom. This can be useful in case the toilet seat is wet or to clean unwanted stains from the seat.

3) Clean the toilet bowl thoroughly: The constant use of washroom throughout the day can make it dirty. Therefore, it is advisable to swish the toilet bowl everyday with plain water and a toilet brush to keep all kinds of bacteria away. Do not forget to scrub the bowl outside the rim.

4) Keep the toilet clean from outside as well: To keep germs and bacteria at bay, it is essential to clean the entire toilet once in a week. This will ensure that your washroom stays clean and fresh always.

5) Use a freshener: As toilets don't come with built-in air fresheners, use toilet air fresheners or place freshener blocks in the washroom to control odour from the toilet.

6) Keep taps and handles clean: Your washroom faucets and handles that you are in regular contact with should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals to prevent the formation of bacteria.

7) Allow proper ventilation: It is necessary to have exhaust fans installed and well-maintained to sustain the indoor air quality in the toilet. Only proper ventilation can keep the humidity in check and prevent rot and mold growth.

8) Get rid of clutter: Do not stuff your washroom drawers with too many products. They will be easier to clean if fewer products are kept in the washroom, and this will also keep the dirt in control.

9) Wash towels and mats frequently: It is imperative to wash hand towels and mats placed in the washroom once in every two days, as they are prone to get dirtier quickly. Change them regularly, as wet towels and mats tend to absorb dirt easily.

10) Use antiseptic soap and sanitizer: An antiseptic soap/liquid and a sanitizer should be in stock in the toilet. Always clean your hands well before you step out of the washroom and use a tissue paper to wipe off hands.

11) Use antibacterial wipes for toilet seat: In case you're too concerned about personal hygiene, then carry flushable antibacterial wipes or install a seat sanitizer unit in your washroom. This will ensure that your toilet seat is free of germs.

(ANI | 2 years ago)