Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020

New Jersey SEEDS Congratulates Scholars and Young Scholars Graduates

NEWARK, N.J., Aug. 17, 2017 : On Saturday, August 5, New Jersey SEEDS celebrated the graduation of 113 students enrolled in its Scholars and Young Scholars Programs. For 25 years, SEEDS has provided educational access for motivated, high-achieving students from low-income families across the state.

Ninety-six percent of this year's graduates were placed in selective middle or high schools with enough financial aid to matriculate. Enrolling students will receive more than $4.3 million from these partner institutions in the fall.

"Our Scholars, Young Scholars and their families should be very proud," says John F. Castano, Executive Director of NJ SEEDS. "For the past 14 months, these rising sixth-, seventh-, and ninth-graders have worked tirelessly - spending two summers with us and the Saturdays in between - to advance their education and prepare to enroll in these new schools. I also want to thank our partner institutions for continuing to provide the financial aid for our scholars to attend. The zip code that a child was born into should not define where they are going in life."

Both Programs are free 14-month initiatives for high-achieving, low-income students. The Scholars Program serves students across the state during their eighth-grade year, providing additional coursework and application assistance for selective high schools. The Young Scholars Program works with students in the Greater Newark area in the fifth and sixth grades. In addition to academic classes, SEEDS helps students and their families with applications to selective day and junior boarding schools.

More than 600 family members, friends, faculty and supporters joined students at the commencement at Summit High School. SEEDS alumna and Trustee Taffi Ayodele (Scholars Program '96) gave the morning's keynote.

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