LONDON, August 17, 2017 : Flashbay, industry leader in promotional technology products, is joining forces with the WILD Foundation and Kayapo Project to support the conservation efforts of the Kayapo territory.
Kayapo land lies within the heart of the Amazon rainforest, an area of land that is larger than 50% of all countries in the world. It is home to indigenous tribes, critically endangered species of animals and plants, and provides 20% of the world's global oxygen supply. Alarmingly, 1/5 of the Amazon rainforest has already been demolished, yet the Kayapo have achieved more through their safeguarding efforts than any other organisation or group in history.

Flashbay's partnership with the WILD Foundation and Kayapo Project could not come at a more convenient time. Our donation will inject embattled Kayapo communities with urgently needed resources to defend valuable rainforest habitat from deforestation. It will contribute towards territorial monitoring and control that allows the Kayapo people visibility of the Amazon borders to pinpoint invasions. These illegal and aggressive invaders include fishermen, ranchers, loggers, miners and colonists.

"The Kayapo are the last effective bastion of opposition against a relentless cycle of destruction of important and spectacularly beautiful rainforest habitat in this part of Brazil," says Karl-Phillip Schlossstein, Flashbay Co-founder. "Our entire Flashbay team is immensely proud to partner with the WILD Foundation and the Kayapo to protect this vital resource and our planet."

For over 40 years, the WILD Foundation has strengthened environmental leadership capacity by working across national, institutional, and cultural divides to build a common vision for the conservation of wild nature. Our partnership represents an ongoing effort to strengthen environmental causes with insight and innovative thinking from the business and entrepreneurial sectors.

At Flashbay, we recognise the crucial importance of preservation, longevity and sustainability. We have always strived to make a positive impact by operating efficiently, lowering our carbon footprint and sourcing sustainable materials.

Our support of sustainable business practices is something that we promise to help the WILD Foundation and Kayapo project with. Our aim is to help promote their brand, cause and message through widespread distribution of paperless conservation and marketing material through reusable technology products. Flashbay endeavour to extend this message to all of our customers, offering digital solutions for their promotional technology and branding needs over pamphlets, leaflets and other disposable media.

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