MUMBAI, August 17, 2017 : The launch of the new SKODA Octavia has been one of the most eagerly-awaited car launches of the year. The Octavia is especially unique as it is the car with which Å KODA India started their innings in India.
Almost 17 years later, the latest generation of the Octavia is launched in India. Over the years, the car has attained iconic status and has gathered a large following amongst auto enthusiasts and journalists alike.

The new Å KODA Octavia like its predecessors has again redefined the segment by sporting a range of first-in-class features among which is the strikingly beautiful Full-LED Headlamps.

As a tribute to the legacy of the Octavia in India and its ardent fans, Å KODA India teamed up with Bushfire to create something uniquely special. Taking a cue from the new Octavia's distinctive Full-LED headlamps, Å KODA India and Bushfire decided to leverage Å KODA's biggest asset, its customers and merge it with the amazing art of light painting.

They invited a few existing Octavia customers and got them to work with Guinness Book of World record holding light painting artist, Jeswin Rebello and team to create an experience that was not only memorable but also unique in the automobile industry.

"The legacy that the Octavia has in this country needed a special idea to showcase it," explained Tarun Jha, Head of Marketing at Å KODA India. "Light painting was one of those ideas that just clicked the moment we heard it from the agency. Getting customers themselves to help with this experience was the cherry on the cake. The beautiful blend of light painting and capturing India's journey through the years has come out fantastically well. This also carries forward our design story perfectly."

Talking about the film, Satish Ramchandran, Sr. Vice President, Bushfire said, "We wanted to associate the new Å KODA Octavia with cutting-edge technology and at the same time leverage the love that the car has in this country. The reaction to the film has been fantastic."

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