CHICAGO, Aug. 14, 2017 : Going from Baby Daddy to being a Father can be difficult. Tyrone Parker and his daughter, Shani Tran, are here to help make it easier, more enjoyable and productive through the workbook, Affirmations and Confirmations of Baby Daddy Parenting.
This guide was written for fathers and children who are interested in making their journey fruitful and worthy. The workbook walks through the stage of birth, adolescence, fatherhood, and future planning. Tough, emotional questions are raised and challenges about responsibilities and positive relationships are addressed.

"This is a complete workbook that every father and child should engage and embrace with the common goal of understanding each other and themselves towards a comfortable space for understanding their life," Parker explained. "Both father and child must own their expectations and experiences as it relates to their relationship."

Parker has authored another work book, "21 Days, 21 Ways to Attract and Sustain Meaningful Relationships," and four books including: "Dinner Date Etiquette for a Gentleman," "The Mental Gymnastics of Dating," "Ju Nasty - The Simplicity of Sex" and "Progression." In addition, in 2006, Parker and his brothers created More Than Just a Conversation, LLC, a company committed to creating a warm, comfortable environment for adults, teenagers, LGBT, and seniors to discuss and gain solutions for themselves and their communities.

Tran is a licensed professional counselor who works with individuals, specializing in counseling at-risk youth. She works to keep them out of the streets, off probation, and away from group homes.

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