Mumbai, Maharashtra, August 12, 2017 /India PRwire/ -- Being a food and wine connoisseur since young age, Balgi, after finishing Hotel Management, went on to do his MBA from SP Jain Mumbai but then his heart never left his roots, food.
In the last 16 years he has swept around from marketing beverages in India and has, thus, rose to become one of India's top wine and spirit professional. Qualified by the West as an advanced wine expert, he has curated programs and has trained over 5000 on the art of drinking well. Balgi loves to write on food and liquor and is often published in various medium like TOI, Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, Sommelier India, Midday, Free Press Journal, Vagabomb to name a few.

"One Life/Live Them" has been Balgi's motto as well, be in his working style or personal life - a traveling gourmand with a taste for fine wine. Balgi has travelled over 12 nations spreading across the 5 continents, has tasted over 5000 varieties of wine and sampled numerous cuisines. All this for the love of drinks! He's had his drinking game strong before it became cool for an Indian to professionally flaunt it and work with corporates, country boards and liquor companies. Passion does it to you, after all.

Just like the perfect cognac is a blend of many Eaux De Vies, a person is a blend of multiple talents, and Balgi is no different. The passion for wine and food along with a sharp marketing sense fused together with a tremendous attitude made Balgi a fine wine himself. The mission of wine and spirit education took a turn for good with The Happy High, headquartered in Mumbai.

Balgi's career, as a food influencer, in the last 16 years has taken him from the gates of SP Jain to the feature page on Remy Martin, where he is India's first personality to be featured in Remy Martin!

"Slash" generation inspired 'One Life/Live Them' campaign of Remy Martin brings together the masters of the world together. It is a celebration of people from all facets of lives and skills coming together to declare that life gives you many opportunities and 'right now' is the time to seize it and make something of it! The campaign led by the Avengers Star Jeremy Renner and Chinese star Huang Xiaoming boasts of being better than the Remy Martin Cognac. Amongst the masters, Balgi has hit the sweet spot, holding the chair for the July-August space. The wine expert and his thoughts are featured wildly over the platform, talking about how living many lives in one can be successfully achieved and how!

Joining the Circle of Centaurs, Balgi would be joining the masters with his master class series on food, wine appreciation and travel. He would be rubbing shoulders with Entrepreneur Kevin Poon, Singer Samantha Barks, Actress Jackie Cruz, Director Kirill and Chef Marc Forgione amongst others. Tagged as Gourmand, Traveller, Vino and Influencer, Balgi would be the few rare Indians who would be featured in the prestigious portal.

As a part of the Slash campaign & as part of the celebration Balgi co-hosted a small dinner with Chef Vishal Chandnani of the brand new eatery The Frontier Post. Eminent personalities for the evening included Ms Pritina , a restaurateur & MD of Staff Source International, Mr Anupam Sehgal Marketing Head, Lamborghini Mumbai, Mr Yogesh Karikurve , Film Critic and international film consultant, Mr Soumil Shringarpure Singer & Musician, Ms Prarrthona pal Chowdhury, Country Manager (Subcontinent); Remy Cointreau and last but not the least the father and son duo of Mr Shankar Mahadevan and Mr Siddharth Mahadevan who need no introduction. The evening was laced with splendid conversations, Remy Ginger, Remy Sidecars and Remy Old fashioneds followed by an exquisite showcase of food from the North west frontier with Awadhi introductions.

To Life, rather lives; ensure you live them!

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