Kabul [Afghanistan], August 11 : Afghanistan's failure to observe World Bank initiated strategic and standard goals has cost the country USD 125 million in aid.
"World Bank had promised incentives to the Afghan government after it recommended them to implement standards and financial strategies in the custom sectors aimed at providing better services," said the Supreme Audit Office.

However, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has said the offer still stands valid as Afghanistan still has enough time to deliver on recommendations offered by the World Bank until end of 2018.

"In 2016 an amount of USD 224 million had been allocated for at least ten benchmarks, but the institutions managed to implement only five and the money came to the government treasury," Tolo News quoted SAO Professional Deputy Sayed Mohammad Mahdi Hussaini, as saying.

The World Bank has committed to provide USD 900 million to Afghanistan for implementing a number of financial and custom strategies within the framework of a three year plan which ends in 2018.

Afghanistan has received USD 550 million so far.

(Posted on 11 August 2017, 1675919914 3O93O74O25)