New Delhi , Aug 10 : Oracle sees a very vibrant and active software development scenario in India, with developers working on all spectrums of technology. In particular, Oracle finds there's more developer appetite for cutting edge technologies such as Containers, Chatbots etc. for building innovative applications.
The speed-to-market business imperative has redefined application development practices, with the number of application releases from typical businesses likely to double over the coming year. Developers are looking to quickly create applications with microservices, APIs, containers, mobile backends and chatbots using modern DevOps processes and thus, are realizing the need for rich and robust platform capabilities.

The following three trends are most visible with developers in India:

Cloud Native development using Microservices set to go mainstream: Microservices based development is no longer a buzzword, but a best practice to deliver products quickly to the business in the digital era. This boosts agility, giving enterprises a significant competitive edge

Real chatbot applications with natural language processing will become the norm by 2018: Using chatbots, existing applications can be extended to newer channels, while newer applications can interact in novel ways.

node.js and Javascript continue to build a massive following: Javascript has become the ubiquitous language with both client and server side programming capabilities. Most new applications are built using javascript frameworks such as React, Angular etc. with node.js on the backend. Polyglot applications continue to remain a focus for developers looking to choose from a multitude of programming languages.

Above all this, the premium on open standards, open platform and open source remains a key priority, since developers want zero lock-in. In line with Oracle's commitment to Open Standards and Open Source, Oracle recently announced three new Open Source Container Utilities - Smith, a secure microcontainer builder; Crashcart, a microcontainer debugging tool and Railcar, an alternative container runtime.

Oracle is also bringing its global flagship developer conference, Oracle Code, to Bengaluru for the first time. This is an opportunity for developers to experience easy, modern and open cloud development technology with workshops and other live, interactive experiences and demos.

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