New Delhi , Aug 10 : Casio Computer Co., Ltd., will celebrate the 35th anniversary of its G-SHOCK brand in April 2018. To mark this milestone, Casio plans various activities, such as releasing commemorative and collaboration models, and organizing various events around the world. As the first step in this celebration, Casio announced today the release of BIG BANG BLACK, a commemorative collection of four G-SHOCK models featuring a new color, matte black.
G-SHOCK got its start when a Casio engineer decided to try to develop a watch that was virtually unbreakable in 1981. Rejecting the common sense that wristwatches were always fragile and easy to break, he took up the challenge of proving it wrong. After more than 200 prototypes, and a two-year development process, the first G-SHOCK model with a shock-resistant structure was released in 1983. Since that time, the brand has continued to evolve based on the brand concept of "Absolute Toughness."

The BIG BANG BLACK collection, the first set of 35th anniversary models, employs a new kind of black, the symbolic color of the brand. The matte finish of the new base color was achieved using technology that incorporates particles into the paint, creating a flat black finish that seems to absorb all light.

Contrasting with the matte black that evokes the state of emptiness before the origin of the universe, the bright gold color of the case back expresses the instantaneous mega explosion of the Big Bang. To mark the 35th anniversary of G-SHOCK, Casio is looking back to the origin of the brand, and has produced the BIG BANG BLACK collection to declare its commitment to continuing to create new value with G-SHOCK for years and years to come.

The case backs of these models are engraved with the G-SHOCK 35th anniversary logo designed by Eric Haze, a world famous graphic artist, while the metal band loops are emblazoned with a star emblem that represents 35 years.

The phrase, "SINCE 1983" is featured on the dials, and special packaging has also been created to further enhance this very exceptional collection.

BIG BANG BLACK collection of four models:

MUDMASTER GG-1035A: Dust and mud-resistant structure equipped with twin sensors for measuring direction and temperature

GA-735A: Three-dimensional dial and hands, as well as a large case for a dynamic look

GA-835A: Medium-sized case and 3-hand analog mode

GA-135A: Large case and precision face design.

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