TIANJIN, China, Aug. 10, 2017 : We seek a world where countries complement each other in creating an interdependent mining economy backed by partnerships that lead to win-win results.
CHINA MINING Congress and Expo 2017 will focus on encouraging further development of whole mining sector and how that sector can support the One Belt, One Road initiative. This event is designed to facilitate multi-sector cooperation between countries and regions targeted by the initiative and build an international platform for exploration and development of mineral resources. The event is expected become a strong contributor to the development of mining industry.

CHINA MINING 2017 will host a series of forums and individual discussion sessions to meet the demands and expectations of mining firms, including a CEO forum, a roundtable meeting to promote cooperation between Chinese and international mining companies as part of the initiative, a global mining minister forum, a forum bringing together global executives across the geological exploration and bulk mineral resources sectors, as well as smaller groups focusing on overseas investment by Chinese firms, new technologies for and new outcomes that can be expected from the treatment and utilization of coal bed methane, mining partners in Central Africa, mining and the capital markets as well as environmental issues concerning mining.

Leading Chinese firms including China Minmetals, Chalco, China National Gold Group, BOC, Zijin Mining Group, Shandong Zhaojin Group, FIFOMI, Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Shandong Gold Mining, Bank of Tianjin, Huakan International Mining, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, Standard Advisory Asia, Chengtun Mining Group, Beijing SD Science &Technology Development and the Government of South Africa, have confirmed sponsor and deliver speeches. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, World Bank, Thomson Reuters, The Nickel Institute, JPMorgan Chase, Commodity Research Unit, OECD, McKinsey & Company, China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Metallurgical Mines' Association of China, China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association, China Gold Association and BOC International Holdings will take part in the event and deliver speeches. Other confirmed sponsors include Binhai New Area, Guizhou Geological Science and Technology Park.

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