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Want to run a marathon? Here's where to start

Want to run a marathon? Here's where to start
New Delhi , Apr 11 : If you get off to a good start, running can be a real joy.

However, just waking up and going to run every day can turn it into a mundane activity. To help prevent this, there are many running clubs that are bringing runners together.

These clubs are not just about putting on shoes and running. They are all about connecting with others as well as your own self. Let us take a look at four such clubs in Delhi. There's something rather daunting about the idea of running a marathon that has even the strongest of us shaking in our shoes.

It's in times like these that a group of like-minded individuals working or running towards a common goal can help shake that fear off.

Here's the list of running communities in the city that can get even the laziest among us pumped up about running.

- Fitso Running Sessions, which are conducted by Fitso, a fitness app dedicated to transform users into fitness oriented individuals, are committed to fine tuning a new runner into an expert one. They welcome everyone, whether beginners or experienced runners. Their running program is customized for each and every runner with scientific and holistic training programme for every runner.

Fitso understands the aim of every runner and helps them achieve the same. All runners are assigned a coach for bringing out their best. A structured training program helps runners with avoiding injuries. Fitso organise training sessions in different parts of Delhi NCR i.e. Faridabad (Sector 12), Gurgaon (Tau Devilal Stadium), South Delhi (HauzKhas Forest), Rohini (Japanese Park), Dwarka (DDA park, Sec 11), Noida (Noida stadium)

- The Nike run club in Delhi was the first ever running club in the country. Opened six years ago, the club is now a strong community of thousands of runners. The club focuses on encouraging members to achieve their personal best. According to Avinash Pant, marketing director of Nike India, "the club focuses on training runners and helping them with realizing their full potential."

The club boasts of two running coaches, Rupinder Singh and Ian Ladbrooke who offer training tips, conditioning, inspiration, and advice. Members also get to experience trials of new Nike products. The events organized by the club encourage people to sign up for free.

Along with that, the club also focuses on providing speed workouts and endurance training according to the capability of the runner. The club also gives inputs on how to choose the best running shoes and apparel. Nike+ has their training sessions in Nehru Park on every weekend at 6 AM.

- The Reebok Running Squad aims at building the runner's strength and stamina. The club is open to all types of runners, whether new or experienced. Along with training runners, the club also advises members on how to avoid injuries.

According to the club, the best way to excel in a running program is to have a "running buddy." The club has run many experiments on this and has concluded that having a running buddy enhances a runner's experience. Once members sign up for the club, they enter a community of like-minded people who are all training for the same goal.

What is best is that the Reebok Running Squad provides everything for free with their training sessions in different part of Delhi NCR such as: Lodhi Garden, Nehru Park, Center Park Ghaziabad, Leisure Valley,Sector 29, Gurgaon, Noida Stadium Sector 21, Noida and Town Park Sector 12, Faridabad.

- ASICS Running Club is dedicated to promote running as a joyful activity. The club is an excellent platform for both expert runners and for amateurs. The club's core belief is that running is a path to self awareness. They have their training programme every weekend at Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri.

They believe that running can make an individual aware of their own capabilities and strengths. The ASICS Running Club promotes the idea that running is not just another day of exercise, but is a way of discovering one's own self.

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