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The way chefs look at it

If you thought the chef fraternity does not bother about New Year Resolutions, you are wrong, going by the thoughts shared by five popular chefs from across the country with Sharmila Chand

While focus on simple food, home style cooking is on top of the line now, there is also greater consciousness towards using local ingredients and prepare healthy food. Food is about the love and care that goes into its preparation, obviously. Thats why a restaurant becomes outstanding and attract repeat customers.

The chefs in the news were asked :

What is the new resolution for this year ?
What are strictly a No for you?
Things guests can look out for

The responses :

Ajay Anand , director of culinary, Pullman Novotel, New Delhi Aerocity.
- I want to start taking the cooking classes which I am forever planning. I will also start to work on my dream cook book. in my restaurant Chef Garden . Organic is big, I am looking to opt for more organic ways.

- The complete No s: Gulab Jamun, stress and anger.

- Things look out for : Fresh Ingredients . I have always believed in using fresh ingredients . Presentation is my USP. I believe in designing my plates before it goes to the table. Food should be tasty for the taste buds but it first should be appealing too.

Anurudh Khanna ,executive chef , Shangri-La hotel, Bengaluru

- I have three resolutions this year. One, to promote and keep the preparations authentic and ooted to the culture and place of origin. Slow cooking technique will also be one of the top trends to watch out for. Second, to integrate more vegan food options on the menu. Three, to have more farm- to- table approach showcasing daily cuisines and recipes.

- The big Nos: Molecular cuisine; avoid anything that is endangered ; twist any basic or authentic recipes

- Guests can look out for: Simplicity with flavours ; authentic and lost recipes : culinary experience with style and enhanced with a lot of natural colour .
There has been a radical shift in the culinary trends. Gastronomy is now about presentation and attitude, not just the infusion of ingredients. It is important to keep the food simple but made with authentic ingredients and flavours.

Hermann Grossbichler, executive chef, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

- The main focus for the year is sourcing the best and fresh seasonal raw ingredients because these are the key to making a dish that tastes perfect. We are looking at promoting Indian industries by sourcing ingredients, locally grown or produced right here. We believe, Keeping it close to home appeals better to the heart. We have also seen an increasing preference for home-style cooking among our guests.

{image_1}- Definite Nos: Endangered seafood species; fusion cuisine; lengthy menus .
Restaurants should make their menu selection smaller, to give the chefs a better chance to focus on quality. This should be true for buffets as well.

- Guests can look out for : Local fresh ingredients based dishes; simplicity in presentation - let the dish speak for itself ; food served in interesting chinaware produced locally

Franco Canzano, executive chef, Park Hyatt, Goa

- My cooking philosophy will be to create food thoughtfully sourced, carefully served and take local cuisine to a global international platform through thoughtfully curated food and wine pairings and unique Masters of Food and Wine experiences.

Focus also will be on adhering to seafood sustainability practices. My personal resolution is to go the grills way as much as possible.

- Simple chef crafted food that will reinstate the customers faith in less is more philosophy.

- Food is best enjoyed with family and we will have plenty of family style dining promotions to promote this thought.

-As to the Nos : Will move away from the pre-cooked buffet offerings ; encourage no tolerance for food wastage.

Ravi Saxena, corporate chef, Dhaba by Claridges

-My philosophy is to maintain no frills cooking, use the best quality ingredients, focus more on the taste of food, cook simple, consistent, honest and tasty food which is liked by the patrons in the restaurant.

-Absolute Nos : Never to compromise with the quality of ingredients; never to play with the core food and cuisine; never to compromise on the consistency of the food.

Personally, I dont have to wait for a New Year to come to change my philosophies and what to include and what to exclude in my cooking style. It is an ongoing process.

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The way chefs look at it

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