• Saturday, 23 March 2019

Let's eliminate drugs from Punjab, says Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Feb 3 : Sharing a video message on Twitter, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has urged people to come together and put an end to drug usage in Punjab, ahead of state polls.

Gandhi said, Greeting brothers and sisters. Theres one thing I have learnt in politics and that is you cannot hide the truth.

Back in 2012, I had attended an event in Punjab University, where I told the youth about the prevailing drug usage in Punjab. Almost 70 per cent of the youths are addicted to drugs in Punjab, he said.

Gandhi also slammed the incumbent Akali government for making fun of him then.

I came back to Delhi and was surprised when some Akali Dal leaders said that Rahul Gandhi is lying and there is no such issues in Punjab. They made fun of me, Gandhi added.

The sad thing is what should have been accepted four years ago is getting recognition now, the Gandhi scion said.

Gandhi also lauded Punjab for its inputs in various fields concerning national interests.

Punjab is everywhere, in the tri colour, borders, in the army.

You have all witnessed the truth. Punjabs fight is against drugs. Its a collective fight too. Let us all come together to help Punjab get rid of drug usage, Gandhi said.

The Punjabi always works for the entire society, the entire nation, rather than himself, he said in a separate tweet.

The Congress also pledged to follow Guru Nanaks teachings and rule Punjab, if elected.

In times of distress, Guru Nanak ji spread the message of love. Congress party shall humbly follow these teachings in Punjab, a party tweet read.


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Let's eliminate drugs from Punjab, says Rahul Gandhi

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